The webcam of my Lenovo laptop does not work using the Zoom App?

The webcam of my Lenovo laptop does not work using the Zoom App?

Since Covid 19, Zoom (one of the most popular cloud-based video conferencing platforms) became an essential and frequently used tool for video conferencing. You have an important video conference meeting with clients and the Zoom camera not working on a Windows 10 laptop. The camera works fine on its own, but the problem only arises when the camera does not work properly in the Zoom client app. Or the webcam is just causing problems with the zoom client app.

Lenovo laptops are notorious for having issues with their webcams not working. It seems that Windows is not detecting the camera or there is a webcam problem with the device driver. This is an irritating and common Lenovo webcam problem but could happen with any webcam. The steps in this article are intended for Lenovo cameras, however, may also be helpful when facing issues with other webcams.

What causes the zoom camera not to work?

There are several reasons that cause the camera not to work on Zoom. The camera is disabled in your device settings, the webcam is not selected in Zoom, other programs or devices are interfering with Zoom, something wrong with your camera hardware, or an outdated webcam driver are some of the common reasons. Here are some possible solutions to fix the Zoom camera not working in Windows 10.

Steps to correct the problem

·  Reboot your computer/laptop and try to open the zoom app again. This will update the system and fix any minor software conflicts that may be causing the issues.

·  Temporarily disable or uninstall third-party antivirus software to check if a third-party antivirus is blocking access to the camera app.

·  If you are using an external webcam, we recommend that you connect it to a different USB port and verify that the camera works.

·  Make sure no other applications (such as FaceTime, Skype) are using your video camera. Open task manager and end the app that can interfere with zoom app.

Set the correct camera for zoom

Let’s first check and make sure the correct camera is selected for the zoom app.

·  Open the zoom app, then click Settings (the gear icon located at the top right of the zoom app)

·  Click on the video (located in the left panel) and open the video settings.

·  Here choose the correct camera from the camera drop down box.

·  Make sure to uncheck turn off my video when joining the meeting (next to the meeting instructions)

Check Zoom video settings

·  Open the zoom app on your computer,

·  Click Settings (gear icon) located at the top right corner in the zoom app,

·  Click on the video (on the left side), then advance located in the lower right corner.

·  Here make sure that all options are checked, such as denoise, hardware acceleration for video processing, send video or receive video.

·  Similarly, set automatic for the video playback method, video playback post-processing, or video capture method.

·  Once done, please close the settings window and restart the zoom application to check if the camera works properly or not.

Reinstall Zoom

So you’ve tried all of the above solutions and found that your camera works with other apps that only cause zoom issues. In such a case, uninstall and reinstall the Zoom app to help fix the problem.