GoPro Hero 4 Setting

GoPro Hero 4 Setting – Complete Guide

If you are just starting out with a GoPro Hero 4 Black or Silver, the first thing you need to know is that the GoPro has a lot of settings.

On the camera (not in the app or on your computer) there are 7 video modes, 2 photo modes, and three-time lapse modes. Any of these shooting modes can be changed by simply pressing the mode button on the side of your GoPro. These shooting modes have a ton of settings that can all be easily accessed by pressing and holding the power/shutter button once your camera is on.

Change GoPro video field of view (FOV)

The GoPro Hero 4 has three different fields of view (FOV) options: Ultra Wide, Medium, and Narrow. Each FOV setting is suited for a specific purpose so let’s take a look at them now.

Ultra-Wide Field of View

This is the widest field of view available with the Hero 4. It captures the most area possible when you’re trying to get that shot of an entire football team on the field or an epic mountain range in the distance.

Medium Field of View

The medium FOV setting is great for capturing mid-range shots where people are front and center but there are other objects in the background. I find this to be a very useful setting because it’s great for just about anything from vlogging to talking-head interviews to shooting testimonials orb-roll footage.

Change GoPro video resolution

There are three resolution options to choose from in the GoPro Hero 4 camera:

  • 1080p (1920×1080): Standard for HD video. Ideal for capturing a wide range of sports and fast-moving action.
  • 720p (1280×720): Standard for SD video. Ideal for capturing slower action or stabilized footage.
  • 960p (1280×960): Ideal for uploading to YouTube, as it is one of the only resolutions that does not get downgraded after being uploaded to the site. Also good if you want a medium amount of detail without using too much memory on your card or phone.

Change GoPro video frame rate

  • Press the Mode button (the one on the front of your camera) to enter Video Mode.
  • Press the Shutter button (the one on top of your camera) once to start recording. The default video frame rate is 30 fps. A shorter, double beep will sound if you are in 30 fps mode.
  • Now press the Menu button repeatedly until you hear “Video Frame Rate” announced.
  • Then press and hold Menu for about 2 seconds until another voice prompt announces “Changing settings” and instructs you to release Menu.
  • Press Shutter and a new voice prompt will inform you if your frame rate is set at 12 or 24 fps, or at 30 fps if you haven’t changed it yet.

Change GoPro photo mode

The photo mode allows you to capture still images, as opposed to video clips. The choices of photo modes include continuous, single shot, and burst mode. You can choose a different shooting mode to suit the environment you are shooting in, for example, a 10-second timer is good when taking a group shot with your friends. Photo modes are often overlooked by many users, but they can be just as important as the video mode settings.

Change GoPro photo field of view (FOV)

GoPro Hero 4 has 3 photo field of view settings: Wide, Medium, and Narrow. The recommended setting for landscapes and action shots is wide as it allows you to capture more into the frame in comparison with other settings.

Medium is recommended for portraits and close-ups. It crops the image slightly making the object closer to being in focus.

Narrow is best for selfies or if you want to get rid of unwanted background elements in your photo.

Change GoPro photo resolution

To change the photo resolution on your GoPro Hero 4, you will need to access the main settings menu. First, press the Menu button on the side of your camera. Next, navigate to “Resolution.” On this menu, you will be able to select a photo resolution from the following:

  • 5MP (Wide)
  • 7MP (Wide)
  • 7MP (Wide)
  • 7MP (Wide)
  • 7MP (Wide)
  • 7MP (Wide)
  • 7MP (Wide)

Change GoPro time-lapse interval

To set the time-lapse interval first go to the main menu then select time-lapse (under photo). Then scroll down to see the time-lapse intervals and select your desired interval.

Setting a 60-second interval will result in 1 shot per minute, 30 seconds will result in 2 shots per minute, and so on. The longest interval is 60 seconds and the shortest interval is 0.5 seconds, which means that you would get 120 shots in one minute.

Format Your SD card

It’s VERY important to format your SD card with the GoPro camera before you start shooting. This will speed up the GoPro and also make sure that there are no errors when recording. It’s also a good idea to format the SD card after each use as well. Just go into the SETTINGS menu and select FORMAT. You’ll want to make sure that you have offloaded ALL of the footage first!

Optimize your camera settings for the best shots

It’s easy to keep the camera mode on video and simply press the record button whenever you want to start recording. However, there are advantages to using the photo mode for still photos.

If your GoPro has a remote control, you can make use of the time-lapse feature that allows you to take photos at intervals from 0.5 seconds all the way up to 60 seconds apart. That’s awesome when trying to capture a sunrise or sunset, an event like running a marathon or gathering with friends and family, or something else that goes on longer than a minute!


So, there you have it! Now, you can maximize your GoPro Hero 4 settings and get the best footage. Remember that this is just a guide and that the best way to learn is by playing with your settings and seeing what works for you. You will find different settings work for different activities as light, wind, and weather all play a role in how your clips turn out. Have fun with it!